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Garage Sale Permit

(a) Garage sales or temporary sales are authorized only in compliance with this section.
An application to hold the sale must be requested with permit numbers issued by the Code Compliance Manager. No more than two (2) garage sales, not exceeding three (3) consecutive days in length for each sale, may be conducted at any location during the twelve month period.

(b) A garage sale or temporary sale (temporary, occasional sale of personal property) is defined as a sale of tangible personal property at retail. Each such sale must be held at a home or residence by a person who is not held out as engaging in or who does not habitually engage in the business of selling such tangible personal property at retail. Each such sale must be conducted in such a manner so that it does not create a disturbance or become a nuisance to the neighborhood. Persons conducting such a sale shall be restricted to the selling of only personal property that belongs to such person and which has not been purchased for the purpose of resale.

(c) No more than six (6) signs shall be posted on any residential property or along the R.O.W. [right-of-way], and [such signs] shall not exceed five (5) square feet in area and [shall] have a height of not more than forty (40) inches. All signs shall have the permit number affixed thereto and shall not be placed on utility poles or in medians. All signs shall be placed as not to obstruct or impair the view of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and shall be immediately removed at the conclusion of the sale.

(1) The edge of signs shall be placed no closer than three (3) feet from the back of the street curb or edge of pavement.

(2) If signs are placed in front or alongside of any occupied residence, the person in control of the sale advertised by such signs shall receive written permission from the occupant prior to erecting such signs.

(d) Neighborhood sales, community sales, or civic organization sales shall be exempt from the requirements of this section, provided a special event has been approved through the Office of Emergency Management.

(e) The garage sale application will be issued at no cost. The permit numbers shall be displayed in a prominent place on the property holding the sale, and the sign stickers shall be placed on the rear of all allowable signs prior to placement.

(f) Penalties for violations. It shall be an offense, punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), to conduct a garage sale in violation of this section.

(1) Notice will be issued for a first sale conducted without a permit number, with citations issued for any subsequent sales held at the same location without a permit number.

(2) Any signs found illegally placed without sign permit numbers will be immediately removed, with notice issued to the person in control of the property where the sale is occurring to complete an application and acquire permit numbers. Any signs left of the R.O.W. [right-of-way] or in the yard at the expiration of the permit period will be removed, with a CITATION issued to the person who applied for such signs.


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